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In partnership with FCA regulated Tower Street Finance, this unique financial product provides finance to Executors who do not have the liquid funds to cover costs associated with dealing with Estate property.

  • No credit checks.
  • No charges over any property.
  • No monthly repayments.
  • No personal liability.
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Executor funding

If your client does not have funds to cover costs during probate, we can help. Property Expense Funding is a product available to executors and personal representatives who can’t fund the costs associated with dealing with property as part of estate administration. It can even help fund any IHT liabilities to assist with the Grant of Probate.

Funds are borrowed against the value of the estate and paid back upon inheritance. This is a finance facility, rather than a loan of a set amount. Funds can be drawn down as and when needed to enable services to be purchased throughout the probate period.

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